We provide a broad range of finance services, including loan and security documentation, trade credit and guarantee documents. 

We advise a large range of corporate and commercial clients in relation to loan and security documentation, real property securities, terms and conditions of trade and documentation associated with the establishment and opening of credit accounts including guarantees and bank guarantees.

Polczynski Robinson finance legal services

·         Loan and security documentation

·         Real property securities including mortgages and charges

·         Personal property securities

·         Terms and conditions

·         Credit accounts including guarantees and bank guarantees

·         Enforcement of securities

Track record in finance

Acting on behalf of a major retail buying group with over 500 stores in Australia and New Zealand in respect of all of their secured recoveries.

Advising major suppliers in respect of terms and conditions of trade and PPSR registrations.

Advising suppliers and providers of credit in respect of loan and security documentation.

Providing advice in relation to performance bonds and maintenance bonds which are used in infrastructure and construction projects as an alternative to funds.

Advising invoice discounters and factorers in respect of secured recoveries eg rebates and transaction documents including rights of recourse and assignments.

Acting on behalf of trade credit insurers in disputes with invoice discounters and inventory financiers relating to disputed recoveries.